Born in an age of slow boring sludge, SPACE VACATION exploded on to the San Francisco music scene in 2008 and changed the rules of heavy metal by being louder, faster and catchier than anything else currently happening. They capture all the best parts of Judas Priest, Motorhead, and early "High and Dry" era Def Leppard delivered with their own unique flair featuring blazing guitar solos, melodic vocals and explosive double bass.


SPACE VACATION is known for smoke and laser shows, inviting crowd sing-alongs and having an overall willingness to do what it takes to create a lasting impression at every show they play, from sold out auditoriums to small clubs and dive bars. They are not afraid to have a good time so if you like beer and headbanging they are the right band for you.  SPACE VACATION is heavy metal for fans of heavy metal!


The band's current lineup features singer guitarist Scott Shapiro, bassist Steve Hays, lead guitarist Kiyoshi Morgan and Eli Lucas on drums.


Get ready to head bang.


Steve Hays - Bass


The Bassist from Belgium brings some precision, aggression and a pack of cigs to the low end.

Scott Shapiro - Lead Vocals/Guitar


Scott's smooth yet powerful vocal delivery and driving guitar lines help provide SV with their signature classic metal sound.

Kiyoshi Morgan - Guitars


Kiyo's shredding leads and musicality harken back to 1984.  A true throwback to awesomeness!

Eli Lucas - Drums


Eli (ex-Hatchet) rejoined the band and brings his own humor and energy to the music.



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